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​​Selfish Service is an unusual read. Think of it as a motivational book combined with a nostalgic journey through a century of popular culture. A little off beat for sure but a lot of fun too. I have written this with two goals in mind, your happiness and your success.                                                          Ed Loughlin

Television, radio and movie theater popcorn were created for a reason.

All the keys for a happy and successful life are in your hands each day when you pick up your TV remote or cell phone. As Ed says, "All real achievement insists that we be selfish. It's a prerequisite to serving others. No matter how gifted, talented or well-intentioned you are, if you do not take care of yourself first, you will have a difficult time. The most exquisite car in the world won't go anywhere without gas in the tank." 

Enjoy spending a few hours with Ed as he takes you on a multimedia journey of personal growth and discovery. Selfish Service chapters address subjects such as:

Getting along
And more!

Welcome to Selfish Service

America's first pop culture self-help book

Selfish Service by Ed Loughlin

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