Selfish Service by Ed Loughlin


​If you didn’t find your name in the TV section,

       it might be here in the Music edition.

Abigail – Freddy Cannon (Abigail Beecher)

Abraham – Dion (Abraham, Martin & John)

Adam – Elvis (Kissin’ Cousins)

Al – Paul Simon (You Can Call Me Al)

Albert – Paul & Linda McCartney (Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey)

Alexander – The Jackson 5 (The Love You Save)

Alfie – Dionne Warwick

Alice – Neil Sedaka (Alice in Wonderland)

Alice – Arlo Guthrie (Alice’s Restaurant)

Alice – Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart (Alice Long)

Alison – Elvis Costello

Allison – The Gin Blossoms (Allison Road)

Alvin – David Seville (The Chipmunk Song)

Amanda – Boston

Amanda – Waylon Jennings

Amie – Pure Prairie League

Amos – Jerry Reed (Amos Moses)

Andrea – The Sunrays

Angel – Aerosmith

Angela – Johnny Ferguson (Angela Jones)

Angela – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Angelina – Louis Prima

Angie – The Rolling Stones

Angie – Helen Reddy (Angie Baby)

Ann – The Five Americans (Tell Ann I Love Her)

Ann – Gordon Lightfoot (Carefree Highway)

Anna – The Roomates (Anna My Love)

Anna – Esquivel

Anna – Perez Prado

Annabella – Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds

Anna Lee – The Band (The Weight)

Annie – Tony Joe White (Polk Salad Annie)

Annie – Heart (Dreamboat Annie)

Annie – John Denver (Annie’s Song)

Annie – Kaleidoscope (Love Song for Annie)

Anthony – Billy Joel (Movin’ Out)

Ariel – Dean Friedman

Aubrey – Bread

Babalu – The Eternals (Babalu’s Wedding Day)

Babe – Styx

Bandala – The Partridge Family

Barbara – The Temptations  *Not the Motown Temptations

Barbara – Bobby Vee (Please Don’t Ask About Barbara)

Barbara Ann – The Beach Boys/Dean Torrence

Barbie – The Beach Boys

Bartles – George Jones (Heckel & Jeckel)

Becky – Bobbie Gentry (Ode to Billy Joe)

Becky – Kenny Rogers (Coward Of The County)

Beethoven – Chuck Berry (Roll Over Beethoven)

Belinda – Neil Diamond (Solitary Man)

Bella Linda – The Grass Roots

Ben – Michael Jackson

Ben – Brad Paisley (Easy Money)

Benji – The Jackson 5 (The Love You Save)

Bennie – Elton John (Bennie & The Jets)

Bernadette – The Four Tops

Bertha – The Grateful Dead

Beth – KISS

Bette – Kim Carnes (Bette Davis Eyes)

Betty – Paul Simon (You Can Call Me Al)

Betty Jean – Chuck Berry

Betty Lou – Bob Seger (Betty Lou’s Gettin’ Out Tonight)

Bill – The Marvelettes (Don’t Mess With Bill)

Bill – The Fifth Dimension (Wedding Bell Blues)

Bill – Jim Stafford (My Girl Bill)

Billie – Johnny Otis (Willie and the Hand Jive)

Billie Joe – Bobby Gentry (Ode to Billie Joe)

Billy – Lloyd Price (Stagger Lee)

Billy – Kathy Linden

Billy – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Billy – Poppy Family (Which Way You Goin’ Billy)

Billy – Bo Donaldson & The Heywoods (Billy, Don’t Be A Hero)

Billy – Shania Twain & Billy Currington (Party For Two)

Billy Jean – Michael Jackson

Blossom – Frank Sinatra (American Beauty Rose)

Bob – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Bobby – Neil Scott

Bobby – Pamela Blue (My Friend Bobby)

Bobby – Ginny Zee (Bobby Baby)

Bobby – Darlene Love (Wait ‘til My Bobby Gets Home)

Bobby – Lesley Gore (Run Bobby Run)

Bobby – Dion (Abraham, Martin & John)

Bobby – Marcie Blane (Bobby’s Girl)

Bobby – Janis Joplin (Me & Bobby McGee)

Bonnie – Johnny Cooper (Bonnie Do)

Bonnie – Georgie Fame (The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde)

Bony Moronie – Larry Williams

Brandy – Looking Glass

Brenda Lee – Chuck Berry

Brent – Brad Paisley (Easy Money)

Bryan – The Andrews Sisters (Barney Google)

Bunny – John Fred & the Playboy Band (Bunny, Bunny)

Caine – Neil Diamond (Raisin’ Caine)

Camille – Barbra Streisand (I’m The Greatest Star)

Candida – Tony Orlando & Dawn

Candy – The Astors

Candy – The Strangeloves & Bow Wow Wow (I Want Candy)

Candy – Lou Reed (Walk on the Wild Side)

Candy – The Cars (Candy-O)

Candy – Cheap Trick (Oh Candy)

Cara-Lin – The Strangeloves

Cara Mia – Jay & the Americans

Carmelita – Dwight Yoakam

Carmen – The Band (The Weight)

Carol – Neil Sedaka (Oh Carol)

Caroline – Brian Wilson (Caroline No)

Caroline – Neil Diamond (Sweet Caroline)

Caroline – Stephen Stills/Neil Young (Long May You Run)

Caroline – Colin Blunstone (Caroline Goodbye)

Caroline – Status Quo

Carrie – Europe

Carrie Anne – The Hollies

Casanova – LaVert

Cassandra – ABBA

Casey – Darren Hayes

Cathy – Mike Clifford (Close to Cathy)

Cathy – The Everly Brothers (Cathy’s Clown)

Cecilia – Simon & Garfunkel

Celeste – Donovan

Charlene – Nino & the Ebb Tides

Charlie – The Coasters (Charlie Brown)

Charlie – Danny O’Keefe (Goodtime Charlie’s Got The Blues)

Charmaine – The Bachelors

Chelsea – Joni Mitchell (Chelsea Morning)

Cherie – Stevie Wonder (My Cherie Amour)

Cherry – Neil Diamond (Cherry Cherry)

Cheryl – Bob Lind (Cheryl’s Going Home)

Chewy – Ohio Express

Chloe – Emblem3

Christine – KISS (Christine 16)

Christopher – The Jackson 5 (The Love You Save)

Christopher – Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (House at Pooh Corner)

Chuck – The Beatles (When I’m 64)

Cinderella – The Sonics

Cindy – Dick Dale & the Lennon Sisters

Cindy – Johnny Crawford (Cindy’s Birthday)

Cindy – Clint Holmes (Playground In My Mind)

Cinnamon – Derek

Cisco – War (The Cisco Kid)

Clawdy – Lloyd Price (Lawdy Miss Clawdy)

Clyde – Georgie Fame (The Ballad of Bonnie & Clyde)

Co-Co – The Sweet

Connie – The Four Seasons (Connie-O)

Corrina – Ray Peterson (Corrina, Corrina)

Corrina – Taj Mahal

Cynthia – Sly & the Family Stone (Dance to the Music)

Daisy – Little Richard (Tutti Frutti)

Daisy Jane – America

Daisy Mae – The Seeds

Daniel – Elton John

Danny – Anne Murray (Danny’s Song)

Danny – Tiffany

Darcy – Emmy the Great

Darlene – The Five Thrills (Girl of my Dreams)

Dave – The Beatles (When I’m 64)

Dawn – The Four Seasons

Deanie – Shawn Cassidy (Hey Deanie)

Debbie – B-52’s

Debra – Beck

Delilah – Tom Jones

Delores – Paul Simon (Slip Slidin’ Away)

Denise – Randy & the Rainbows

Deserie – The Charts

Desmond – The Beatles (Ob-la-di ob-la-da)

Desperado – Brad Paisley (Easy Money)

Diana – Paul Anka

Diana – Tony Orlando & Dawn (Steppin’ Out)

Diane – The Bachelors

Diane – Dion & the Belmonts (Little Diane)

Diane – John Cougar Mellencamp (Jack & Diane)

Dierdre – The Beach Boys

Dinah – Frankie Avalon (De De Dinah)

Dippy – Donovan (Epistle to Dippy)

Dixie – Badfinger (Baby Blue)

Dog – Norma Tanega (Walkin’ My Cat Named Dog)

Dominique – The Singing Nun

Domino – Van Morrison

Donna – Ritchie Valens

Donna – The Kings (This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide)

Donnie – The Bermudas

Doreen – Frank Zappa

Drew – Taylor Swift (Teardrops On My Guitar)

Earl – Gene Chandler (Duke Of Earl)

Earl – The Dixie Chicks (Goodbye Earl)

Eddie – The Teen Queens (Eddie, My Love)

Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners (Come On Eileen)

Elaine – ABBA

Eleanor – The Beatles (Eleanor Rigby)

Elenore – The Turtles

Eli – Three Dog Night (Eli’s Coming)

Elise – The Cure (A Letter to Elise)

Eloise – The Hollies (Dear Eloise)

Elsie Molly – Chubby Checker (Lazy Elsie Molly)

Elvira – The Oak Ridge Boys

Emily – Pink Floyd (See Emily Play)

Emily – Simon & Garfunkel (For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her)

Emma – Jonathan Edwards

Erica – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Ethel – Ray Stevens (The Streak)

Evanora (WW/East) – 5th Estate (Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead)

Eve – Elvis (Kissin’ Cousins)

Fancy – Bobby Gentry

Fanny – The Bee Gees

Fanny – The Band (The Weight)

Fanny Mae – Buster Brown

Faye – Jimmy Ray (Are You Jimmy Ray?)

Felina – Marty Robbins (El Paso)

Fernando – ABBA

Flo – Dion (The Wanderer)

Flo – The Supremes (Back In My Arms Again)

Floy – The Supremes (Floy Joy)

Fourteen – Donovan (Mellow Yellow)

Frank – Tom Waits (Frank’s Song)

Frankie – Darlene & the Jokers

Frankie – Sam Cooke (Frankie & Johnny)

Fred – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Freddie – Freddie & the Dreamers (Do the Freddie)

Gary – Brad Paisley (Easy Money)

Gator – Jerry Reed

Georgy – The Seekers (Georgy Girl)

Gertrude – Jerry Jeff Walker

Gidget – Bobby Darin

Gillian – Bobby Bloom (Montego Bay)

Gillian – The Waifs

Gina – Johnny Mathis

Ginny – Bryan Hyland (Ginny Come Lately)

Glinda (GW/North) – 5th Estate (Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead)

Gloria – The Cadillacs

Gloria – Them

Gloria – Shadows of Knight

Gloria – Laura Branigan

Godiva – Peter & Gordon (Lady Godiva)

Grady – Brad Paisley (Easy Money)

Gus – Paul Simon (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover)

Hadie – Roy Rogers & the Sons of the Pioneers

Haley – Shinedown (Second Chance)

Halsey – Paul & Linda McCartney (Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey)

Hazel – Tommy Roe (Hooray for Hazel)

Heather – Tommy Roe (Heather Honey)

Heckel – George Jones (Heckel & Jeckel)

Hector – The Village Callers

Helga – Stereophonics (Madame Helga)

Henry – Herman’s Hermits (I’m Henry the VIII I Am)

Hernando – Johnny Ray (Hernando’s Hideaway)

Holly – Cornerstone (Holly Go Softly)

Holly – Lou Reed (Walk on the Wild Side

Honey – Bobby Goldsboro

Irene – The Weavers (Goodnight, Irene)

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

Issac – The Jackson 5 (The Love You Save)

Ivy – The Mama’s & Papa’s (For The Love Of Ivy)

Izabella – Jimi Hendrix

Jack – Ray Charles (Hit the Road Jack)

Jack – Tommy Roe (Jack & Jill)

Jack – Four Jacks & a Jill (Master Jack)

Jack – The Rolling Stones (Jumpin’ Jack Flash)

Jack – The Guess Who (Clap For The Wolfman)

Jack – Todd Rundgren (Wolfman Jack)

Jack – Paul Simon (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover)

Jack – John Cougar Mellencamp (Jack & Diane)

Jack – The Who (Happy Jack)

Jackie – Ozark Mountain Daredevils (Jackie Blue)

Jacob – Huey Lewis & the News (Jacob’s Ladder)

James – Sue Thompson (James, Hold the Ladder Steady)

James – James Taylor (Sweet Baby James)

Jamie – Van Halen (Jamie’s Cryin’)

Jane – The Rolling Stones (Lady Jane)

Jane – The Velvet Underground (Sweet Jane)

Jane – Mott the Hoople (Sweet Jane)

Jane – Jefferson Starship

Janey – Bob Segar & the Silver Bullet Band (Against The Wind)

Janie – Bobby Swanson (Janie’s Face)

Janie – Dion (The Wanderer)

Jasmine – Seals & Crofts (Summer Breeze)

Jean – Santana (Evil Ways)

Jean – Oliver

Jeanette – The English Beat

Jeannie – Elton John (Little Jeannie)

Jeckel – George Jones (Heckel & Jeckel)

Jennie Lee – Jan & Arnie

Jennie Lee – Shuggie Otis

Jennifer – The Hollies (Jennifer Eccles)

Jennifer – Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart (Jennifer Tomkins)

Jennifer – Bobby Sherman

Jennifer – Donovan (Jennifer Juniper)

Jenny – Little Richard (Jenny, Jenny)

Jenny – Tommy Tutone (867-5309)

Jeremiah – Three Dog Night (Joy To The World)

Jerry – Sly & the Family Stone (Dance To The Music)

Jesamine – The Casuals

Jesse – Carly Simon

Jessie – Rick Springfield (Jessie’s Girl)

Jessie – Joshua Kadison

Jessica – The Allman Brothers

Jessica – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Jet – Paul McCartney & Wings

Jezebel – Frankie Laine

Jill – Tommy Roe (Jack & Jill)

Jim – Jim Croce (You Don’t Mess Around With Jim)

Jimmy – Cathy Brasher

Jimmy – Jimmy Clanton (Go, Jimmy, Go)

Jimmy – Miss Cathy Brasher (I’ll Remember Jimmy)

Jimmy – Martha & the Vandellas (Jimmy Mac)

Jimmy – Looking Glass (Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne)

Jimmy Ray – Jimmy Ray (Are You Jimmy Ray?)

Joan – Santana (Evil Ways)

Joan – Klaatu (Knee Deep In Love)

Joanna – Kool & The Gang

Joanne – Mike Nesmith

Joe – Johnny Ray (Hernando’s Hideaway)

Joe – The Rocky Fellers (Killer Joe)

Joe – The Surfaris (Surfer Joe)

Joey – Connie Stevens (Why Do I Cry For Joey)

Joey – Kasenatz-Katz Singing Orchestra Circus (Quick Joey Small)

Joey – David Geddes (Run Joey Run)

John – Little Richard (Long Tall Sally)

John – Jimmy Dean (Big Bad John)

John – Dion (Abraham, Martin & John)

John – The Beach Boys (Sloop John B)

John – The Guess Who (Rain Dance)

Johnny – Chuck Berry (Johnny B. Goode)

Johnny – Doris Webb (Blame It On Johnny)

Johnny – Sam Cooke (Frankie & Johnny)

Johnny – Flip & the Dateliners (My Johnny Doesn’t Come Around)

Johnny – Shelley Fabares (Johnny Angel)

Johnny – Joanie Sommers (Johnny Get Angry)

Johnny – El Debarge (Who’s Johnny)

JoJo – The Beatles (Get Back)

JoJo – Boz Scaggs

Jolene – Dolly Parton

Jolene – Jennifer Nettles (That Girl)

Jolie Sarah – Johnny Halliday (Oh! Ma Jolie Sarah)

Jon – Jon & Robin (Doctor Jon)

Jose – Jay & the Americans (Come A Little Bit Closer)

Josephine – Fats Domino (Hello Josephine)

Josephine – Jerry Lee Lewis (My Girl Josephine)

Josie – Steely Dan

Joshua – Dolly Parton

Juanita – Rick Nelson (Juanita’s Place)

Jude – The Beatles (Hey Jude)

Judy – Lesley Gore (Judy’s Turn To Cry)

Judy – Johnny Tillotson (Judy, Judy, Judy)

Judy – John Fred & the Playboy Band (Judy in Disguise)

Judy – Crosby, Stills & Nash (Suite Judy Blue Eyes)

Judy – The Kings (This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide)

Judy – Catherine Wheel (Judy Staring At The Sun)

Juli – Jesse Colin Young (Song For Juli)

Julia – The Beatles

Julie – The Crescendos (Oh, Julie)

Julie – The Lettermen (How is Julie?)

Julie – Bobby Sherman (Julie, Do Ya Love Me)

Julie – The Cuff Links (When Julie Come Around)

Juliet – The Reflections (Just Like Romeo & Juliet)

Juliet – The B-52’s (Juliet of the Spirits)

Juliet – LMNT (Hey, Juliet)

Juliet – Dire Straits (Romeo & Juliet)

Juliet – Mindy McCready (Oh Romeo)

Juliet – Taylor Swift (Love Story)

Junior – Paul McCartney (Junior’s Farm)

Justin – Brad Paisley (Easy Money)

Karen – Rusty Lane & the Mystics

Kathy – Simon & Garfunkel (Kathy’s Song)

Katie – Deana Carter

Kayleigh – Marillion

Kenny – Brad Paisley (Easy Money)

Kevin – Brad Paisley (Easy Money)

Kookie – Byrnes/Stevens  (Kookie, Kookie, Lend Me Your Comb)

Kristin – Rick Nelson (Song for Kristin)

Lalena – Donovan

Larry – Del Shannon (Hats Off To Larry)

Laura – Ray Peterson (Tell Laura I Love Her)

Laura – Christopher Cross (Think of Laura)

Laurel – Frank Sinatra (American Beauty Rose)

Lauren – Celtic Thunder (Lauren & I)

Laurie – Dickie Lee

Laurie Ann – Glen Glenn

Layla – Derek & the Dominos

Leah – Donnie Iris (Ah! Leah!)

Lee – The Bobettes (Mr. Lee)

Lee – The Nightcrawlers (Little Black Egg)

Lee – Paul Simon (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover)

Leroy – Tod Rundgren (We Gotta Get You A Woman)

Leroy – Jim Croce (Bad, Bad Leroy Brown)

Levon – Elton John

Lido – Boz Scaggs

Lili Marleen – Lale Anderson/M. Dietrich/A. Shelton/C. Francis

Lily – The Who (Pictures of Lily)

Lincoln – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Linda – Ral Donner (Run Little Linda)

Linda – Tommy Boyce (Along Came Linda)

Linda – Dickey Lee (I Saw Linda Yesterday)

Linda – Jan & Dean

Linda Lu – Ray Sharpe

Lindsay – Elmore James (Madison Blues)

Lisa – Cat Stevens (Sad Lisa)

Lizzie – Bobby Angelo (Skinny Lizzy)

Lizzy – Larry Williams (Dizzy Miss Lizzy)

Lois – Porcelain (Lois Lane)

Lola – The Kinks

Lolita – The Veronicas

Lorelei – Styx

Loretta – The Beatles (Get Back)

Loretta – The DeFranco Family (Sweet, Sweet Loretta)

Lorilee – David Gates

Lorraine – Nat King Cole (Sweet Lorraine)

Lorraine – Uriah Heep (Sweet Lorraine)

Lorraine – Thomas Dolby (Close But No Cigar)

Lou – The Del-Rays (Run Around Lou)

Louie – The Kingsmen (Louie Louie)

Lucille – Little Richard

Lucille – Kenny Rogers

Lucy – The Beatles (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds)

Luke – The Band (The Weight)

Lulu – Ohio Express (Down at Lulu’s)

Mabel – Cream (Badge)

Madison – Elmore James (Madison Blues)

Madonna – The Beatles (Lady Madonna)

Maggie – Frank Sinatra (American Beauty Rose)

Maggie May – Rod Stewart

Magnolia – Frank Sinatra (American Beauty Rose)

Mandy – Barry Manilow

Maria – Johnny Mathis

Maria – Santana & The Product G&B (Maria Maria)

Maria – R.B. Greaves (Take A Letter Maria)

Maria – B.W. Stevenson (My Maria)

Marianne – Boston (More Than A Feeling)

Marie – The Cadillacs (Gloria)

Marie – The Bachelors

Marie – Elvis (His Latest Flame)

Marie – Randy Newman

Marjorine – Tinkerbells Fairydust

Mark – Shania Twain & Mark McGrath (Party for Two)

Marlena – The Four Seasons

Marlo – Tanya Tucker (No Man’s Land)

Marsha – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Martha – The Beatles (Martha My Dear)

Martha – The Allman Brothers Band (Little Martha)

Martha – Tom Waits

Martin – Dion (Abraham, Martin & John)

Mary – Al Martino (Mary In The Morning)

Mary – Little Richard (Long Tall Sally)

Mary – Don & Juan (What’s Your Name)

Mary – Dion (The Wanderer)

Mary – Johnny Mathis (What Will My Mary Say)

Mary – Joey Powers (Midnight Mary)

Mary – Donna Lynn (There Goes The Boy I Love With Mary)

Mary – Sam Cooke (Meet Me At Mary’s Place)

Mary – The Supremes (Back In My Arms Again)

Mary – Billy Joe Royal (Cherry Hill Park)

Mary – The Association (Along Comes Mary)

Mary – The Monkees (Mary, Mary)

Mary – The Monkees (Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow)

Mary – The Nightcrawlers (Little Black Egg)

Mary – Wadsworth Mansion (Sweet Mary)

Mary – Credence Clearwater Revival (Proud Mary)

Mary – The Beatles (Let It Be)

Mary – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Mary – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Mary – Danny Wilson (Mary’s Prayer)

Maryanne – Terry Gilkyson & The Easy Riders

Maryanne – The Four Seasons (C’mon Maryanne)

Mary Ann – Ray Charles

Mary-Anne – Looking Glass (Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne)

Mary Jane – Nick Drake (The Thoughts of Mary Jane)

Mary Lou – Buddy Knox

Mary Lou – Ricky Nelson (Hello Mary Lou)

Mary Lou – Rick Nelson (Garden Party)

Matilda – Australian Ballad (Waltzing Matilda)

Matilda – Pink Floyd (Matilda Mother)

Maureen – The Roomates

Maurice – The Steve Miller Band (The Joker)

Max – Johnny Ray (Hernando’s Hideaway)

Maybelline – Chuck Berry

Melanie – Toto

Melissa – The Allman Brothers

Melissa – Barry Manilow (Could This Be Magic)

Mercy – Ohio Express

Michael – The Highwaymen (Michael Row The Boat Ashore)

Michael – Dionne Warwick (Message To Michael)

Michael – Clint Holmes (Playground In My Mind)

Michelle – The Beatles

Mickey – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles (Mickey’s Monkey)

Mickey – Toni Basil

Midas – The Hollies (King Midas in Reverse)

Molly – Little Richard (Good Golly, Miss Molly)

Molly – The Beatles (Ob-la-di ob-la-da)

Mona Lisa – Nat King Cole

Monica – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Moody Blue – Elvis

Moses – The Band (The Weight)

Nadine – Chuck Berry

Nancy – Ray Charles

Nathan – The Supremes (Nathan Jones)

Nick – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Nick – The Beach Boys (Little Saint Nick)

Nikita – Elton John

Nikki – Prince & the Revolution (Darling Nikki)

Norma Jean – Elton John (Candle In The Wind)

Norma Lee – Billy Bragg & Wilco (Hesitating Beauty)

Norman – Sue Thompson

Oliver – Elvis Costello (Oliver’s Army)

Olivia – One Direction

Ophelia – The Band

Orchid – Frank Sinatra (American Beauty Rose)

Pamela – Toto

Pamela – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Pancho – War (The Cisco Kid)

Patches – Dickie Lee

Patricia – Perez Prado

Paul – Annette Funicello (Tall Paul)

Paul – Paul & Paula (Hey Paula)

Paula – Paul & Paula (Hey Paula)

Paula – Dickey Lee (Don’t Wanna Think About Paula)

Peanuts – The Four Seasons

Peg – Pat Boone (Peg ‘o My Heart)

Peg – Steely Dan

Peggy Sue – Buddy Holly

Penny – Paul Peterson (Penny is Seventeen)

Penny – The Beatles (Penny Lane)

Pete – Bruce Springsteen (Outlaw Pete)

Phaedra – Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood (Some Velvet Morning)

Priscilla – Jerry Reed (My Priscilla)

Prudence – The Beatles (Dear Prudence)

Quinn – Manfred Mann (The Mighty Quinn)

Rama Lama Ding Dong – The Edsels

Ray – The Lemonheads (It’s A Shame About Ray)

Reemo – Lobo (California Kid & Reemo)

Renee – The Left Banke (Walk Away Renee)

Rhiannon – Fleetwood Mac

Rhonda – The Beach Boys (Help Me, Rhonda)

Rikki – Steely Dan (Rikki Don’t Lose That Number)

Ringo – Lorne Green

Ringo – Cher (Aka: Bonnie Jo Mason) (Ringo, I love you)

Rio – Duran Duran

Rip – The Devotions (Rip Van Winkle)

Rita – The Beatles (Lovely Rita)

Rita – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Robert – The Beatles (Dr. Robert)

Roberta – Billy Joel

Robin – Bobby Day (Rockin’ Robin)

Rocky – The Beatles (Rocky Raccoon)

Rocky – Austin Roberts

Romeo – The Sequins (Hey Romeo)

Romeo – The Reflections (Just Like Romeo & Juliet)

Romeo – Dire Straits (Romeo & Juliet)

Romeo – Mindy McCready (Oh Romeo)

Romeo – LMNT (Hey Juliet)

Romeo – Taylor Swift (Love Story)

Ronnie – The Videos (Trickle Trickle)

Ronnie – The Four Seasons

Ronnie – The Delicates (Ronnie Is My Love)

Rosa – Marty Robbins (El Paso)

Rosalita – Bruce Springstein

Rosalie – The Jewels

Rosalie – Michael Tarry

Rosanna – Toto

Rose – Frank Sinatra (American Beauty Rose)

Rose – Patsy Cline (San Antonio Rose)

Rose – Tony Orlando & Dawn (My Sweet Gypsy Rose)

Rosemarie – The Flying Machine (Smile A Little Smile For Me)

Rosemary – Edison Lighthouse (Love Grows)

Rose Marie – The Fascinators (Oh Rose Marie)

Rosie – Buck Owens (Sweet Rosie Jones)

Rosie – Dion (The Wanderer)

Rosie – Neil Diamond (Cracklin’ Rosie)

Rosie – Joan Armatrading

Rosie – Tom Waits

Roxanne – The Police

Roy – Paul Simon (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover)

Ruby – Dion (Ruby Baby)

Ruby – Kenny Rogers & the First Edition

Rudolph – Gene Autry (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)

Ruth Ann – Gallery (Big City Miss Ruth Ann)

Sadie – The Beatles (Sexy Sadie)

Saffron – Donovan (Mellow Yellow)

Sally – Little Richard (Long Tall Sally)

Sally – Wilson Pickett (Mustang Sally)

Sally – The Jaynetts (Sally Go Round The Roses)

Sally – Sly & the Family Stone (Dance To The Music)

Sally – Paul McCartney (Sally G)

Sally – Eric Clapton (Lay Down Sally)

Sam – Olivia Newton-John

Sam – Clout (Substitute)

Samantha – Bing Crosby (I Love You Samantha)

Sandra – The Monkees (Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow)

Sandra – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Sandy – Dion & the Belmonts

Sandy – Larry Hall

Sandy – Ronnie & the Daytonas

Sandy – The Swinging Blue Jeans

Sandy – The Roomates (If Sandy Only Knew)

Sandy – Lesley Gore (Summer and Sandy)

Sara – Stone Circus (Sara Wells)

Sara – Fleetwood Mac

Sara – Hall & Oates (Sara Smile)

Sara – Jefferson Starship

Sarah Jane – The Rubinoos (If My Car Could Only Talk)

Scottie – Bobby Goldsboro (Watching Scottie Grow)

Shannon – Henry Gross

Sharona – The Knack (My Sharona)

Sharon – Joni Mitchell (A Song for Sharon)

Sheena – The Ramones (Sheena is a Punk Rocker)

Sheila – Tommy Roe

Sheila – Tinkerbells Fairydust (Sheila’s Back in Town)

Sheila – The Smiths (Sheila Take a Bow)

Sheila – Ready for the World (Oh Sheila)

Sheila – The Producers (She Sheila)

Shelly – The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band (Some of Shelly’s Blues)

Sherie – The Cadillacs (Gloria)

Sherry – The Four Seasons

Shiloh – Neil Diamond

Shirley – John Fred & the Playboys

Shirley – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Shirley Lee – Rick Nelson

Simon – David Seville (The Chipmunk Song)

Simon – 1910 Fruitgum Company (Simon Says)

Slim – Jim Croce (You Don’t Mess Around With Jim)

Sloopy – The McCoys (Hang on Sloopy)

Snoopy – The Royal Guardsmen (Snoopy vs The Red Baron)

Sonny – The Intruders (I’ll Always Love My Mama)

Spooky – The Classics IV

Stagger Lee – Lloyd Price

Stan – Paul Simon (50 Ways To Leave Your Lover)

Stephanie – The Partridge Family

Steven – The Dreamettes (Run Steven Run)

Stormy – The Classics IV

Sue – Don & Juan (What’s Your Name)

Sue – Little Richard (Tutti Frutti)

Sue – Dion (Runaround Sue)

Sue – Johnny Cash (A Boy Named Sue)

Sue – Neil Diamond (Solitary Man)

Sugar – The Archies (Sugar, Sugar)

Sunday – Jay & the Americans (Sunday & Me)

Sunny – Bobby Hebb

Susan – Tobin Matthews

Susan – The Buckinghams

Susan – The Lettermen (A Symphony For Susan)

Susan – Donovan (To Susan On the West Coast Waiting)

Susanna – The Art Company

Suzanne – The Hollies (Sorry Suzanne)

Suzanne – Judy Collins

Susie – The Everly Brothers (Wake Up Little Susie)

Susie – The Move (Hello Susie)

Susie Q – Johnny Otis (Willie and the Hand Jive)

Suzie – Robin Luke (Suzie Darlin’)

Suzie Q – Dale Hawkins

Suzie Q – Credence Clearwater Revival

Suzy – Frank Zappa (Son Of Suzy Creamcheese)

Sweet Pea – Tommy Roe

Sylvia – Elvis

Sylvia – Dr. Hook (Sylvia’s Mother)

Tammy – Debbie Reynolds

Tara – Max Steiner (Tara’s Theme)

Teddy – Little Richard

Teresa – The Clarks (Born To Late)

Terry – Leigh Bell & The Chimes

Theodora (WW/West) – 5th Estate (Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead)

Theodore – David Seville (The Chipmunk Song)

Theresa – Dave Mills

Timothy – The Buoys

Tina – Lou Bega (Mambo #5)

Tom – Kingston Trio (Tom Dooley)

Tommy – Twinkle

Tommy – Kenny Rogers (Coward Of The County)

Tommy – The Who

Tommy – Dr. Buzzard/Orig. Savannah Band (Cherchez la Femme)

Tony – Shirley Ellis (The Name Game)

Tracy – The Cuff Links

Trudy – The Kings (This Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide)

Uma – Fall Out Boy (Uma Thurman)

Ursula – Pat Carroll/The Little Mermaid (Poor Unfortunate Souls)

Valerie – Steve Winwood

Valerie – The Zutons

Valerie – Mark Ronson & Amy Winehouse

Valleri – The Monkees

Vanessa – Billy Swan

Venus – Jimmy Clanton (Venus In Blue Jeans)

Venus – Frankie Avalon

Venus – The Shocking Blue

Vera – The Beatles (When I’m 64)

Vernon – Bobby Bloom (Montego Bay)

Victoria – The Kinks

Vincent – Don McLean

Violet – Tim Easton (Sweet Violet)

Virginia – Billy Joel (Only The Good Die Young)

Virginia – Roxy Music (Virginia Plain)

Wendy – The Beach Boys

Willie – Johnny Otis (Willie & The Hand Jive)

Willie – The Sweet (Little Willie)

Willow – Chad & Jeremy (Willow Weap For Me)

Windy – The Association

Ziggy – David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust)